SWOV - SWOV Institute for Road Safety research

SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research was founded in 1962 by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and by organisations representing the private sector. SWOV's mission is to improve road safety by knowledge from scientific research. Research results are disseminated to policy makers and to those whose work involves road traffic and road safety in the Netherlands and abroad.

SWOV is a non-profit, inter-disciplinary and independent scientific institute that carries out road safety research. About 40 researchers, plus supporting staff, work on the areas of the road user, vehicles, the road infrastructure, analysis of road safety, and support of decision-making processes in this field. Other areas, which have a relationship with road safety, are also involved in the research, e.g. environment, public health, physical planning, and mobility.

Both nationally and internationally, SWOV has an excellent reputation, thanks to its high standard of research and its scientifically founded recommendations. Over the years, SWOV has conducted or commissioned numerous studies, published over 1000 papers and organised many meetings and conferences, both nationally and internationally.

SWOV participated in a large number of international projects including many EC-funded projects about all sorts of topics and in all sorts of roles. Looking at the EC projects SWOV was involved in the recently finished projects INTERACTION, DaCoTA, SARTRE4 and BESTpoint. SWOV was also involved in the previous projects SafetyNet, DRUID and PROLOGUE. The latter project looked at the feasibility and usefulness of a large-scale Naturalistic Driving study in Europe, and was coordinated by SWOV.

More information at www.swov.nl